Direct Dispensing Laws

Full dataset coming soon!

This dataset will examine statutes and regulations on the dispensing of a controlled substance by physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to their patients in an office setting. Generally, a physician is permitted to directly dispense controlled substances during the normal practice of medicine after securing any required certificates or registrations. States laws can restrict physician direct dispensing in a number of ways: restricting the amount a physician can dispense, restricting which patients a physician may dispense to, and restricting how physicians may charge for dispensed drugs. States will also vary on whether other practitioners, like physician assistants and nurse practitioners, have the authority to direct dispense controlled substances. Our upcoming dataset will highlight these differences among state direct dispensing laws.

To create our datasets, we start by researching the topic generally to get a policy background and overview of the particular area of law. We then begin researching the laws across ten randomly chosen states. The laws in these ten states are analyzed to identify variables based off of the trends and contrasts among the different laws. This helps us develop the set of questions in our dataset that we then answer for each state to produce measurable legal data.

We combined our findings from our background policy research and ten state surveys into a white paper on Direct Dispensing laws, available for download. Our white paper provides a summary of our PDAPS mission, and an overview of the practice of direct dispensing and its impact on the opioid crisis. The paper also describes the federal and state roles in regulating direct dispensing more generally. We then take a deeper dive and examine the landscape of direct dispensing in ten states: Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

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